Welcome to QuickCoach, your go-to solution when you need help fast! Each video in this powerful WorldVentures training series covers a different topic in a simple, bite-sized format. They’re designed to save you time, reinforce the more in-depth training you receive at events, and help you and your team achieve greater success. Watch this quick Welcome introduction to learn more about QuickCoach and how you can start using it to help your business today!

1. Welcome Introduction

Making Your List. Now that you’ve joined WorldVentures, one of the very first things you must do is make your list. Every new business needs customers, and your list is a critical step on your path to success. In this QuickCoach video, we’ll walk you step-by-step through a quick process that could potentially leave you with hundreds of names to call. 

2. Making A List

We’ve all invited our friends to do things before, and it’s crucial for your success with WorldVentures™. If you don’t effectively invite people to see the information, they can’t become your customer or a Rep. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of inviting and how to actually invite the people closest to you!

3. Inviting Fundamentals

Want a simple way to invite your friends to look at WorldVentures™? Look no further than the 2-Step Text. It's quick, easy and allows you to set up direct sales appointments without a lot of back and forth conversation. Check out this QuickCoach video and start 2-Step Texting today!

4. 2-Step Text

Ready to kick-off your WorldVentures™ business? You need to have a Launch Event (an easy, informal gathering in your home). To get people there, we use a modified version of the 2-Step Text. It's quick, easy and allows you to gather your friends without a lot of back and forth conversation. Follow these steps and your Launch Event will be a big success!

5. Inviting - Texting for Launch Events